Environmental Policy

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SFI electronics technology INC. is a professional design and manufacturing company for transient voltage suppressor. In order to reduce, reuse, recycle manufacturing resources and protect the environment, SFI continue to implement ISO 14000 environment management system and series of environmental improving actions. The contents of SFI environmental policies will address as following.

●Protect the Earth There is only one earth. But the earth is often hurt by us. Only when everyone can treasure the environment of the earth and then we can protect the environment and ecology system of the earth forever. You and I shall start to protect the earth mow.
●Care for Next Generations If we do not start to protect environment now, we or our next generation will pay much more for that. If we do not start to protect environment now, we even can’t get clean water and fresh air in the future. In order to run perpetual business, we need to protect environment now then we can care for next generation.
●Human Oriented Employee health is the wealth of company. We need to consider human oriented concepts and employee health when we perform environment protection actions.
●Energy Saving and Less Waste Polluting The resources of the earth are limited. We need to carefully use and treasure the resources. SFI continue to design new product and improving the manufacturing processes to reduce resources consumption and waste pollution.