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Common mode filter inductor (Common mode Choke), also known as common mode choke coil, it’s usually used in computer power switching on-off to filter electromagnetic interference signals of common mode. On PC board design, the common mode inductance is also the function of EMI filter to suppress the electromagnetic waves generated by high-speed signal lines to radiate outward emission. On the motherboard of computer composed by various high-frequency circuits, digital circuits and analog circuits, they will produce a large of high-frequency electromagnetic waves interfere with each other, which is called EMI. EMI will emit through the board layout or external cable and make the electromagnetic radiation pollution, not only affects the normal operation of other electronic devices, but also harmful. In order to eliminate the input signal interference and induction of various kinds of interference, we have to make reasonable arrangement to filter the common mode and series mode interference. The common-mode inductance is one of the filter circuits.


  1. Discrete CMF for High Speed Transmission Lines、USB2.0、IEEE1394、(mini)LVDS
  2. Discrete CMF for High Speed Transmission Lines、DVI、HDMI、SATA、Display Port、PCI-E
  3. Discrete CMF for High Speed Transmission Lines USB3.0


EMI suppression on USB2.0/IEEE1394 high speed data transmission

PC related, DSC, Scanner, Data Storage Devices, CD ROM R/W, Printer etc.

The interface of HDMI, LVDX, DVI, PCI-E connectors.