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ESD is Electro Static Discharge. The generation of static electricity is based on the principle of the triboelectricity. When two different objects touch and separate mutually, due to the different electronic activity of the surface of the two objects, it will make one object with positive electricity and another object with negative electricity. The human body also accumulate static electricity because of various factors (such as the human being walks with air friction), then if they come into contact with the IC or other electronic products, due to the difference in potential, the IC or other products provide the path of electrostatic dissipation, it will cause the occurrence of the conduction of electrostatic charge, and finally reach the balance state. In a very short time (ns) of this process will produce a very high voltage, this voltage can be referred to as electrostatic. The study of static electricity (ESD) for a long time, but never like this being recognized, the main reason is that electronic devices are more miniaturized, more and more low operating voltage of the communication equipment and more high frequency of communication. Especially with the increase of integration of the integrated circuit, static electricity also shows its dangers increasingly.